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Square Foot Gardening

Want to start a fruit or vegetable garden, and don't know where to begin? We love the Square Foot Garden method, which is easy to use and great for beginner gardeners of all ages (indeed, it is great for gardeners in general, regardless of skill level).

Engineer Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening method is a perfect way to plan a raised bed garden. It uses only 1/5 of the space required for a regular vegetable garden. These raised beds are easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and durable (with the addition of organic blended compost with each new planting season). There is no need to dig up large tracts of land, and you do not need to have years of farming experience ‘under your belt’!

Raised beds are perfect for beginner gardeners and can be used to teach groups of people about growing food, healthy eating and stewardship of the earth. 

For more information, we recommend looking at the following sites:

1. http://www.squarefootgardening.com/

2. http://squarefootgardening.org/

3. http://www.mysquarefootgarden.net/

The Square Foot Garden book is also very helpful, and available on Amazon.