Square Foot Gardening

May 03, 2017

Want to start a fruit or vegetable garden, and don't know where to begin? We love the Square Foot Garden method, which is easy to use and great for beginner gardeners of all ages (indeed, it is great for gardeners in general, regardless of skill level).

Whole Mind Shopping

Mar 08, 2017

Shopping for food can be confusing and overwhelming, especilally if you are trying to buy real, healthy food! Here is a list of useful tips to remember when you go to the grocery store to make your life easier and give you more time to cook delicious, real food meals and, most importantly, to eat!

Whole Mind Learning

Feb 01, 2017

Why do we care so much about this world? Why do we emphasise being stewards and loving what God loves? Here is a list of some of our favourite books, articles and videos on the current state of the world's food supply and why we promote a whole mind and whole body approach to eating. Enjoy this delicious meal for your brain!

The Myth of Chemical Imbalances

Feb 01, 2017

Today, it has become commonplace to say that people have chemical imbalances in their brain, most notably a disruption in the proper production of dopamine (for “diseases” like ADHD) and serotonin (for “diseases” like depression). These people, it is supposed, need drugs to “cure” these chemical imbalances, hence the terms “antipsychotics” or “antidepressants”.

Whole Mind Eating

Nov 09, 2016

Many of us know what to eat, but we do not often think about HOW to eat. Below are some of our most helpful tips to help kickstart, or maintain, a holistic, natural approach to eating.

Whole Mind Food

Aug 29, 2016

Finding reliable sources of organic, local and seasonal foods can be challenging. We have complied a list of the websites and apps we use to shop for food products to make your life a little easier, and tastier!