Yummy Anti-Bloating Smoothie

Feb 05, 2018

This tropical-insprired smoothie is one of my favourites! Not only is it high in protein and fibre, but it also aids digestion and prevents bloating. It is perfect as a pre or post workout smootie, or for a quick breakfast on the run!

Delicious Vegan Pasta Bolognese

Feb 04, 2018

Not only is this Italian bolognese recipe delicious and filling, it is loaded with vegetables to help you get your five-a-day!

Sweet Potato Fries

Feb 02, 2018

Perfect for Super Bowl Sunday, game day, snacking or a fun get together, these fries will have your guests (and your tummy) cheering for more!

Delicious Granola Squares

Feb 01, 2018

This recipe was inspired by my childhood in South Africa (we call them "crunchies"). They are incredibly tasty and filling, perfect for breakfast on the go, hiking, or dessert!

2 Step Chocolate Mousse

Feb 01, 2018

A delicious, healthy alternative to traditional chocolate mousse. In just two steps you can impress your stomach, and your friends, with this creamy, nutrient rich dessert!

Our Daily Kale

Jan 31, 2018

This kale salad is a staple in our home, and so easy to toss together (literally).

Machu Picchu Granola

Jan 31, 2018

A delicious granola inspired by the exotic tastes of Machu Picchu. Low in sugar and high in flavour, you will have to stop yourself from eating the whole batch in one sitting!

Simple Basil Pesto Pasta

Jan 30, 2018

A simple, 3 step basil pesto pasta that brings the sights and smells of Italy to your kitchen in just 8 minutes! Not only is this meal delicious and organic, but also affordable at a cost of just $3.16 per person.

Vegan Ethiopian Curry

Jan 29, 2018

A quick, organic, delicious and inexpensive meal idea for people with busy schedules and good taste. Adapted from an old family recipe, this curry is full of the flavours, smells and colours of my grandmother's childhood in Addis Ababa.

A Brief History of Mental Healthcare in the 20th Century

Jan 01, 2018

In the early twentieth century, the prevailing concept in psychiatry was the demented mind, while drugs that changed one’s mental state (including alcohol) were largely views as “mind-altering substances”. Asylums, largely state-run institutions where people with mental health issues were locked away, were commonplace . Lobotomies, in which a mini icepick was shoved up the nose into the brain, were performed up to the 1950s. In fact, Egas Moniz, who invented this procedure, received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1949 for his work, before the practice when into disrepute in the mid-1950s.